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Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets come in a diverse array of types, styles, and categories, catering to various preferences and functional needs. Stock cabinets offer budget-friendly options with pre-made designs, while semi-custom cabinets provide some flexibility in terms of sizing and features. Custom cabinets offer tailored solutions, allowing you to design every aspect to fit your space perfectly. Shaker style cabinets with simple, clean lines are a popular choice for both traditional and contemporary kitchens. Modern kitchens often feature sleek, handle-less cabinets for a minimalist look, while traditional kitchens may showcase intricate details and ornate designs. Materials like wood, laminate, and metal offer different aesthetics and durability. From maximizing storage to enhancing the kitchen’s overall aesthetics, kitchen cabinets offer a range of options to create a functional and stylish space.


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Counter Tops

Countertops offer a diverse range of materials, styles, and categories to suit various kitchen and bathroom design preferences. Granite countertops are popular for their natural beauty and durability, with unique patterns and colors. Quartz countertops combine the elegance of stone with low maintenance, as they’re engineered and highly resistant to staining. Marble countertops exude luxury and sophistication, but require more care due to their porous nature. Solid surface countertops like Corian provide seamless designs and are easy to repair. Laminate countertops offer affordability and a wide variety of colors and patterns. Stainless steel countertops bring a modern, industrial vibe to kitchens. Wood countertops add warmth and character, though require proper maintenance. From timeless classics to contemporary aesthetics, countertops offer an array of choices to enhance the functionality and visual appeal of your spaces.



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Backsplashes provide a versatile canvas for creative expression in kitchens and bathrooms, with various materials, styles, and categories to match different design preferences. Subway tile backsplashes, characterized by their rectangular shape, offer a classic and clean look suitable for both modern and traditional spaces. Mosaic backsplashes incorporate small tiles in intricate patterns, adding visual interest and texture. Glass tile backsplashes provide a sleek and reflective surface that can brighten up a room. Natural stone backsplashes like marble, travertine, or slate offer unique textures and tones, adding an organic touch. Patterned or hand-painted tiles bring artistic flair to the space. Stainless steel, metal, and mirrored backsplashes offer a contemporary and industrial aesthetic. From understated elegance to bold statements, backsplashes offer a wide range of options to complement and elevate your kitchen or bathroom design.


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